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Market Snapshot 

1970-72 Buick GSX

1970 Buick GSX

The GSX may have come late to the muscle car wars, but it certainly raised some eyebrows when it arrived.  With the optional (most have it) 455ci Stage-1 V8, it posted some impressive numbers: an underated 360hp and 510 ft-lb. of torque. Even though it was a big, heavy, well-equipped car, it was one of the few that didn’t fear the Hemi. Heck, let’s stir up the pot a bit: it’d run with the B-body Hemis all day long up to 100mph. The GSX is the quiet, classy, understated beast while the “Hemi Hype” grabs the headlines.

  The GSX boasted comfortable buckets, a 4-spd manual w/Hurst shifter, upgraded suspension with 15”x7” rallye wheels, power front discs, 3.42 posi rear, and a distinctive appearance package with rear spoiler and a hood tach. Your only two color choices were Saturn Yellow or the less popular Apollo White. A/C and a TH400 automatic were available.

  Sources vary, but somewhat less than 700 were produced for 1970, with about 400 equipped with the Stage-1 and less than 200 wearing Apollo white. After 1970, the package was available on any GS, including the GS350. Sales fell to 124 in ‘71, and less than 50 in ‘72.

Parts are no problem and the mechanics are robust. Typical GM rear rear window rust applies, so examine the edges and under and over the rear package shelf. There are lots of made up cars and our experience suggests not all sellers are truthful about this -- be careful.

  Predictions? If the current market holds, watch this one outperform the market as a whole and begin to close on the category leaders.

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note: this snapshot appeared in the Dec. 2005 issue of Collector Car Market Review
GSX interior
1970 GSX rear
GSX Stage 1 455ci V8
1970 GSX price trends


Auction Results

Buick GS Club of America

Buick Club of America

GSX Registry

Stage 1 Registry
70 GSX Stage-1 ht, at   #2     $27,250 S msr 5/03
70 GS 455 ht, at           #3+    $10,850 S kra 9/02
70 GS 350 ht,at            #3+  $19,000 S bjaz 1/05
71 GSX Stage-1 htp, at  #2    $34,500 S ksa 5/04
72 GS Stage-1 cnv, at    #2     $17,400 S bjp 6/03
72 GS Stage-1 htp, at    #2+   $29,500 S bjp 3/04

Listings include Gran Sports as comparables due to rarity of GSX