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 Market Snapshot 

 1958 Chevrolet Impala

  Prosperity in America was hitting new highs, and one of the ways we expressed it was in our cars. Throughout the fifties they became faster and flashier, and sales of mid and upper range models were booming.
Low priced Chevy addressed the trend by creating a new top-of-the-line model, the Impala, for 1958. Available only as a 2dr hardtop or convertible, the Impala was trimmed to the nines and available with all the options normally associated with higher priced cars.
For a time, the ‘58 flirted with overtaking the ‘57 in value, but that has eased off a bit the last few years, although they are still pretty close. The big blocks (348ci V8, especially with the triple carbs) are the most desirable, and the more options the better. The  majority come with the ubiquitous 2-speed powerglide automatic, though the more complex turboglide is not uncommon. Rare equipment includes the 283ci V8 with fuel injection, overdrive, and the troublesome air suspension.
It’s doubtful that as a group the ‘58 will make another run at the ‘57 as far as values go. The older model just has too much going for it, not the least of which is its iconic stature in American culture. Still, these will remain desirable cars and we believe they will outperform the fifties sector overall in the coming years. (photos courtesy of General Motors)

(note: this profile appeared in the Oct. 2005 issue)

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Impala 1958-2000 (American Classics) isbn 0760308055
by Dan Burger, Robert Genat

1958 Impala interior


Current Values for 1958 Impala


Left:  Tri-color upholstery and the rare factory air.