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Market Snapshot

Triumph TR-6
Triumph TR-6
A clean and attractive restyle by Karmann and a smooth, torquey inline six did wonders to extend the life of the dated TR4/250.

The motor, the big tires, the exhaust note, and a top that goes down make this a pleasant cruiser. The dual stromberg 2.5 liter OHV pushrod six makes a bit over 100hp and is competent, but not particularly impressive other than for its smoothness. The 4-speed manual is precise; overdrive was available and is welcome at speed. Handling is good as long as the road is smooth, but a stiff, short-travel suspension bounces occupants around pretty good on the rough stuff. Modern suspension upgrades (including tube shocks) are available--they work wonders.

Not much changed during the 1969-76 lifetime of the TR6: the early vinyl dash gave way to wood, gauges pointed up instead of down, big, fat bumper guards satisfied U.S. bumper regulations and the Union Jack showed up on the rear quarter panel.

These are pretty simple cars, parts are not a problem, and there is a good supply of turnkey examples. The drivetrains are fairly robust and not difficult to rebuild. Look out for the hidden tin worm (especially at suspension mounting points) and anything to do with the rear end.

Prices have been moving up only for the good cars. Look for this to continue -- the six and attractive styling differentiate it in the affordable British roadster market. The TR6's fun quotient and handsome looks will always attract new fans -- and buyers.

note: This market snapshot appeared in the Dec. 2005 issue of Collector Car Market Review. (C) Copyright 2005- VMR International, Inc. All Rights Reserved

TR6 dashboard

TR6 engine

Factory TR6 picture

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Auction Results

Vintage Triumph Register
P.O. Box 655
Howell, MI 48844

The Triumph TR6 & 250 Club of America

Triumph Sports Six Club

How to Restore Triumph TR5/250 & TR6  by Roger Williams
ISBN 1901295923

Year               Cond.   Result   Bid   Auction
1971 TR-6 4spd   2+  Sold   $23500   bjp  ‘04
1972 TR-6 4spd   3    Sold   $6000     ksa ‘04
1972 TR-6 4spd   3    Sold   $4500     kfa  ‘04
1973 TR-6 4spd   3    Sold   $5800     kac ‘04
1973 TR-6 4spd   3    Sold   $6400     kfa  ‘04
1973 TR-6 4spd   2    Sold   $20500   kfa  ‘04
1973 TR-6 4spd   2    Sold   $14800   loc  ‘05
1976 TR-6 4spd   3    Sold   $7800     kfa  ‘03
1976 TR-6 4spd   3    Sold   $6100     kfa  ‘04

TR6 taillight