Pricing Considerations
1/2/4V: 1/2/4-barrel carburetor
2x4V: (2) 4-barrel carburetors
3x2V: (3) 2-barrel carburetors
2x4: 2-wheel drive
4x4: 4-wheel drive
3/4/5M: 3/4/5spd manual trans
2cv: 2-dr convertible
2fb: 2-dr fastback
2ht: 2-dr hardtop
2hb: 2-dr hatchback
2sd: 2-dr sedan
2sw: 2-dr station wagon
4ht: 4-dr hardtop
4sd: 4-dr sedan
4sw: 4-dr station wagon
a/c: air conditioning
AT: automatic transmission
bbl: barrel
cc: cubic centimeters
ci: cubic inches
cpe: coupe
cnv: convertible
cyl: cylinder
DHC: Drop Head Coupe
DIN: European hp rating
Dlx: Deluxe
fact: Factory
FHC: Fixed Head Coupe
FI: fuel injection
gross: hp rating at flywheel
hp: horsepower
hbk: hatchback
htp: hardtop
LWB: long wheelbase
NC: no change
od: overdrive
pg: powerglide
pkp: pickup
pnl: panel
SAE: net hp rating of the Society of Automotive Engineers
sdn: sedan
spd/sp: speed
SWB: short wheelbase
trans: transmission
trk: truck
utl: utility
w/: with
wgn: wagon

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