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About Collector Car Market Review

Tired of the same old rehashed information that everyone seems to offer? Collector Car Market Review brings exclusive content to the hobby that will help you make the right decisions regarding your favorite pastime. We'll give you the information you'll need to buy, sell and enjoy the cars you like most.

Exclusive, World Class Data

Unlike most guides, CCMR values are not based solely on auction results, which represent less than 10% of the market for vintage and collector cars. CCMR uses exclusive software that collects, sorts and compiles thousands of price points from dozens of sources simultaneously--giving you a "big data" look at the market.

Bold Editorial - No Market Cheerleading Allowed

Unfortunately, it's everywhere, often distorting what's really going on. Insiders know exactly what we mean by cheerleading, and you should, too. Ever since our bold cover declaration that it was time to sell your hemi right at the peak of the their values, we've become known as a sort of market contrarian. This doesn't always sit well with the established dealers and auction companies. One even pulled all their advertising after the Hemi article, telling us that "You're bad for business." Maybe so, but we always try to do right by YOU.


Our data is collected and compiled independently with no bias, regard, or tie-in to other services or products. The DATA is everything.

Market Profiles

In-depth profiles with an emphasis on the current and future state of the market for each vehicle profiled. Historical price data, current market information and future investment potential are addressed for each.

Eyewitness Auction Results

Collector Car Market Review brings you exclusive on-site auction reporting featuring exterior, interior and engine bay images from each car. This Collector Car Market Review exclusive benefit gives you a better sense of the the vehicle compared to simply trying to convey the condition through words or a single exterior shot.

In-depth Auction Analysis

Collector Car Market Review's graphical representation of auction performance goes beyond what you'll find anywhere else. This "at-a-glance" format lets you zero in on where the action was -- and where it may be going. (right-click image for detail). This, and many other charts and graphs are used to present a concise picture of each quarter.

Market-Focused Editorial Keeps YOU Ahead of the Curve

Market Watch

A regular column that takes a snapshot of popular market segments to graphically illustrate historical performance and current condition. Commentary each issue addresses significant developments and trends.

Market Related Focus

Informative articles that objectively and quantitatively explore every facet of the collector car market. We've delved into the historical value correlation of vehicles, comparative value to other collectibles, auction performance analysis, supply dynamics, auction and eBay pitfalls and many other specific market related subjects.

Updated Collector Car Values

Since our first issue in 1994, CCMR has been known for its realistic price guide. Our comprehensive look at the collector car market from all angles (not just auction results) provides a relatively conservative price guide, one with real-world numbers, not just pie-in-the-sky values based on a handful of highly publicized auctions. We have countless testimonials from enthusiasts that have used our guide to help them buy the collector car of their dreams at real world prices.

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