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CCMR's Market Watch

Visual Indicators to the Market's Heading

For many years, a staple column in Collector Car Market Review has been a compilation of various market segments in the collector car hobby.  All told, we track about a dozen postwar domestic and import segments -- from pickup trucks to muscle to sports to luxury, we give you the pulse of each segment every issue.  After all, even in a hot market stagnation can be found in certain segments.  The opposite holds true, too.  Illustrated below is the movement of these segments over the last several years in the aggregate, minus the over $100,000 stuff.

The first graph is self-explanatory, it simply tracks the change in value of the vehicles in the covered indexes as a whole.  The second graph is described as such in the pages of CCMR: To briefly reiterate how to utilize Market Watch, here's how it works: Somewhere in the last half of 2006 is generally considered to be the end of the collector car bull market of the early to mid-2000's, after which followed some rather sudden and steep declines for many vehicles. After a settling period of a couple years, a general upward trajectory of values began once again. We've assigned 2006's market level a value of 100. Anything above that means the segment has a higher valuation than the base period, anything below means it has a lower valuation. This gives you a long-term look back and puts any value changes in perspective. After all, a segment could be showing steady increases but still be below its previous peak during the last heated collector car market--making any recent gains somewhat less impressive. By tracking and graphing each period you get a visual indicator of which way the market is heading. The greater the difference from period to period, the stronger the momentum either way.

collector car market graph1 collector car market graph1
All segments covered in Collector Car Market Review: Postwar Carryover, Postwar New, Fifties Glitz, Import Sports 1946-60, Big Performance, Early Muscle, Late Muscle, Personal Luxury, Import Sports 1961-1974, Mopar Hemi, Bumper Cars, 1960-74 Exotics, Pickups.

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