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1968 AMC AMX factory photo

1968-70 AMC AMX


American Motors, always at a disadvantage financially compared to the Big 3, arrived late to the pony car party. It wasn't until the 1968 model year that they fielded a true contender, the Javelin. Shortly after that introduction, they chopped off 12" of wheelbase, took out the back seat, and presto, an AMX is born. A little simplification, but not much.

Strengths Weaknesses



Relatively Affordable

Build quality suspect

Limited following

The AMX sported a standard 290ci 4-barrel V8 with 225hp, but you don't see too many of those. Up one notch was the 343ci 4V at 280hp and at the top of the option sheet was the 390ci V8 with 310hp. Standard fare included a 4-speed manual transmission (automatic available), front disc brakes, special suspension, and of course, an appearance package.

What to Look For

Look for the "Go Package" (not available with the 290) and it's upgraded suspension, posi rear, heavy duty cooling, tach, 140mph speedo and redline tires. The "Big Bad" color option helps in the muscle image department, though we haven't seen a measurable effect on values.

1968 AMC AMXThough done on the cheap, the AMX looks quite handsome. This one's a '68
1970 AMX Dash1970 Cockpit
1970 AMC AMX
A facelift and minor style revisions for 1970.

A facelift greeted buyers in 1970, along with a revised (and improved, we think) dash. The 290 was dropped, and a 360ci V8 replaced the 343. Values are about the same as the earlier models.

The Market

AMC products almost always lag in market value in relation to the Big Three, but the AMX and the special Javelin editions have done well of late. The time to make easy money has passed, but they are a unique and fun ride and should perform similarly as their Ford, GM and Mopar counterparts in the marketplace.

Current Values

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