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Our readers are extremely active in the hobby, have a great deal of disposable income and are always buying parts, services and vehicles.  Reader data is included in the media kit below.


CCMR editorial focuses on the under $200,000 market for 1946-1990 collector cars, with an emphasis on domestic muscle, sports and special interest vehicles. This is, as you know, where most of the hobby plays.  But our extensive data gathering and dissemination also appeals to those in the upper market segments where buy and sell decisions run into the hundreds of thousands--or even millions--of dollars.  For many, our data provides hard information to consider when it's time to buy or sell.


All editorial relates to the three W's of the market: WHAT, WHY, and HOW.  It's a fresh alternative to collector car publications offering the same old thing.  Editorial

Budget Friendly Rates

You'll benefit from some of the best rates in the hobby -- for print, digital or both. As a bonus, each ad you place in CCMR is good for three full months in the magazine, and website and social media positions are included at no extra charge.  Start putting your advertising dollars to work with us today! 
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Media Kit


Print and Web, or Web-only. Choose what's best for your business.

Contrary to the belief of many, print should still be an important part of your message.  Heck, attend an auction, meet, or show -- you'll see a majority of the crowd are older enthusiasts, many of whom still prefer print to digital. Still, many marketers have decided to focus on the digital space. That's fine with us, we've got it covered.

Full Spectrum: Print and Web

Print Still Pulls

CCMR's specialty distribution and subscriber base is distributed throughout the country. Our print readers are older -- and significantly more affluent -- than the hobby average.

Website Tie-in

All print advertisers enjoy premium positions on pages of our website that relate to the goods or services they sell. For a modest premium, full page advertisers are placed in our "site sponsor" category, and are featured on EVERY page of the website.  In addition, they are included in our annual, 600+ page price guide.  All print advertisers are listed in our Products and Services section.  The website tie-in is included with our Full Spectrum Package!

PDF Version

Many of our readers subscribe to our e-magazine in lieu of print. Your print ad is automatically included in the electronic version, along with a link to your home page.

Web Only

Flat rate

We keep it really simple.  $99 for 3 months, content relative position. In other words, a Chevy ad displays when Chevy content is displayed on screen.  250x250 image.

Premium Slots

Custom sizes, premium position requests, and our Sponsor program are also available.

Easy Tracking

Most advertisers set up their campaigns so they can track results in real-time using their own analytics. We can assign any link mechanism you want to your ad. If you can't, we record all traffic behavior on our site and can deliver numbers to you upon request.

Rapid Response

Tell us what you want, send the material, and we'll have it up and running the next day.