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1970 Plymouth cuda aar

Snapshot: 1970 'cuda AAR


Playing catch-up to Ford and Chevy in the Pony Car wars, Chrysler came out with all guns blazing for 1970. While the previous Barracudas still possessed more than a hint of their Valiant origins, the 1970 models put that image to rest.

At the top of the heap (Hemi excepted) was the 'Cuda AAR, built to compete in the popular Trans Am racing series of the day against Camaros, Mustangs, and Javelins. About 2700 were produced for homologation.

Plus Minus

Lots of visual appeal

More balanced than the big blocks

Parts are no problem

Not quite as sharp on the track vs. Boss 302 and Z28

Thirsty. Really thirsty

Plenty of clones/fakes

Hits All the Buttons

Coming late to the party, Plymouth sought to differentiate it's entry from the others with a 340 cubic inch V-8 with three two barrel carbs and a bold appearance package. The actual race version used a destroked version of the 340 to comply with the 305 cubic inch dis- placement limit.

And boy, did this thing look the part. Wings, spoilers, stripes, bold colors, even side exhaust -- all the musclecar cues were there. The AAR could be ordered with either a 4-speed manual or the stout 3- speed Torqueflite automatic.

The Market

Current pricing (2020) for a nice, #2 restored example will set you back about $50-$60,000 depending on equipment, with the best examples at around $80-90,000. A similar version from Dodge, the Challenger T/A, brings slightly less money.

Current Values

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