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1971 Chevy Chevelle

1971 CHEVROLET CHEVELLE  307-200hp (8cyl-2V) AT
Malibu 2dr Cnv10125194502762540550
2dr Htp7150137001910030400
Malibu 2dr Htp7850152002170034500
Heavy Chevy 2dr Htp9200175002510036600
Malibu 4dr Htp375075001070016300
4dr Sdn30256075867513200
Malibu 4dr Sdn33006600942514350
Concours 4dr Wgn5350113001680026300
Nomad 4dr Wgn4825101751512523700
Greenbrier 4dr Wgn5075107251595025000
Cncrs Est 4dr Wgn6000126501882529500
Notes: 400ci motor is identical to the SS 402ci.

350-245hp (8cyl-2V)5 %
350-270hp (8cyl-4V)15 %
400-300hp (8cyl-4V)40 %
4spd manual trans 7%
Air conditioning 10%
Power windows 3%
Buckets w/console 10%
Rally dash 5%
250-145hp (6cyl-1V)-20%
3spd manual transmission-10%
Manual steering -5%

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